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Slunj among best tourist villages in the world, says UNWTOThe World Tourism OrganiSation (UNWTO) included Slunj, a town in the mountainous part of Central Croatia, in the list of the 54 best tourist villages in the world, the UNWTO reported on Thursday, to which the City of Slunj said that this is recognition for excellence and for all residents. 22.10.2023. | News
HOW TO USE EU FUNDING FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM // A HANDBOOK BY THE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM COMMUNITY2022 is a key year for activities accelerating the transition to sustainable tourism. This year, different EU funding schemes for regional development and economic recovery after the pandemic start to become available. This includes EU funding for: 1/ making the sector resilient and fit for the future in response to the COVID-19 pandemic via the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), and 2/ programmes for regional development via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). However, the access to funding might be complex and is linked to certain conditions. This handbook presents the key aspects to consider making best use of the available funding now and in the next years. It addresses both public authorities involved in the programming and implementation of RRF and ERDF programmes as well as stakeholders that are part of the tourism ecosystem and want to invest in sustainable tourism. 07.09.2022. | News
Tourists are ready to change their habits and travel more “sustainably”In the area of tourism, the trends keep changing, and so do the expectations of tourists. The factors that affect the demand and choice of destination, the ways in which accommodation and services are booked in the destination, or the choice of means of transport change in accordance with those trends. Special attention is given to sustainable development and services and products that adapt to the concept of sustainable development, business and existence. 03.05.2022. | Page
Planting for a “green” footprintClimate change is one of the greatest contemporary challenges that the world is facing. It is not limited only to environmental challenges but also affects economy and the society. Due to its horizontal influence, and as one of the key factors in world economy, the travel industry has a significant role to play in strengthening the visibility and promoting the value of sustainability as a concept that ensures a long-term and balanced development. 03.05.2022. | Page
The drafting of the Strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism 2030 has been launchedIn December 2020, the drafting of the Strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism 2030 and the National Plan for the Development of Sustainable Tourism until 2027 has been launched, and it will ensure the strategic direction of Croatian tourism towards improving economic, social and environmental sustainability while respecting the settings of the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2030 and the goals of the EU green and digital transition, inspired by the European Green Deal and the EU and UNWTO guidelines. 14.02.2022. | Page
UNTWO to choose Best Tourism Villages in 2022

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports invites all interested parties to apply to UNWTO’s choice of “Best Tourism Villages” until 15 June 2022, via e-mail The UNWTO initiative “Best Tourism Villages” started in 2021 as part of the activity of improving the role of rural tourism, and the UNWTO member states are invited to apply up to three candidates/villages (municipalities) that will present their locations as promoters of sustainable change in the social, economic and environmental aspect.

17.01.2022. | Page
The hotel handbook „Reduce food waste, cook for your guests” was presentedHotel Osijek presented the results of the pilot project of the Fund „Reduce food waste, cook for your guests”, and a handbook for hotels - a valuable tool that will help reduce food waste. The pilot project was initiated in two Croatian hotels - Osijek and Pula, and it aims to implement work methods in hotel kitchens that will help reduce food waste. 16.12.2021. | Page
Republic of Croatia presides over the Committee on Tourism and Sustainability of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)The Republic of Croatia has been a member of UNWTO since 1993 and participates actively in its work as a member of numerous technical committees. During the 24th committee of the Management Board on 30 November 2021, the Republic of Croatia took over the presidency of the Committee on Tourism and Sustainability - CTS, for the period of 2021- 2023 01.12.2021. | Page
Examples of good practice in the development of tourism projects that focus on digital and green transitionsTourism represents one of the fastest growing economy sectors of today, and its power to transform is a source of positive examples for society and economy in its whole. By applying correct policies, tourism can contribute to the preservation of nature and cultural heritage, incense economic growth, development of local communities and creating of new jobs. 25.11.2021. | Page
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports initiated the first Satellite calculation on sustainable tourismThe Ministry of Tourism and Sports initiated the first Satellite calculation of sustainable tourism of the Republic of Croatia in order to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan reform, in accordance with the measure called “Building Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Tourism” 25.11.2021. | Page