Varazdin County sees tourist bed nights increase by almost 20%

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Last year Croatia's northwestern Varazdin County posted the best tourism results in the last eight years after seeing the number of bed nights increase by 19.45 percent since 2017 to nearly 170,000.

The county recorded 169,971 tourist bed nights in 2018, of which 92,347 (+15%) were generated by domestic tourists and 77,624 (+25%) by foreign visitors, the head of the Varazdin County Tourism Board, Natalija Martincevic, told a press conference on Tuesday.

She mentioned four major ongoing EU-funded projects in the Varazdin Spa which, once completed, would provide a further boost to the local tourism industry. Among them are the Spinal Centre, a HRK 83 million (EUR 11 million) project fully financed by the EU, and the reconstruction of the Minerva Hotel, worth HRK 73.5 million (EUR 9.9 million).

Local officials also highlighted the importance of cycling tourism, saying that Varazdin County had become the third Cyclist Welcome county in Croatia. (Hina/FaH)