Official says gov't measures crucial for tourism, deferral of all dues needed

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The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) considers the government's measures designed to maintain employment and liquidity to be of crucial importance for tourism, considering that it is not realistic to expect any tourism turnover in the next 30 days, HUT director Veljko Ostojic told Hina on Wednesday.

Stressing that the tourism sector welcomed the government's prompt reaction in adopting the said measures, designed to alleviate the impact the coronavirus epidemic, he said that HUT considered securing funds for minimum wages for threatened employers especially important.

"That is a good measure to alleviate the shock of tourism turnover having been stopped. But stabilising companies' operations will require another set of measures, once companies start calculating their losses. We are ready to continue making proposals and assisting the government in defining the most effective measures," Ostojic said, warning that the deferral of all dues was also important for maintaining liquidity.