Michelin publishes second edition of Red Guide to Istria

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The French publishing house Michelin has issued the second edition of its Red Guide to Istria, which is a great recognition for this region and its gastronomic and other tourism-related services, the Istria County Tourism Board said. Since Istria is defined as a small destination with a limited number of recommended addresses, the new edition of the guide confirmed one star for the region and added two more destinations: the restaurants Buscina and Badi, both in Umag.

Croatia has three restaurants boasting one Michelin star and 55 recommended restaurants.

This year's edition also includes the 16 best wineries and as many oil producers in Istria.

The guide is available in English and German and has been printed in 15,000 copies which will be distributed free of charge in all the restaurants listed in the guide and at the busiest locations in the region. (Hina)