Losinjska Plovidba Holding to invest EUR 60M in three projects on Losinj island

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The Losinjska Plovidba Holding company, whose core businesses are maritime transport, shipbuilding and hospitality services, has recently announced three major projects estimated at 60 million euros, and they include the construction of a new hotel in the town of Mali Losinj, the establishment of a nautical services centre within the Privlaka marina, and the revamping of the Lopari and Rapoca camping facilities, also on the island of Losinj.

The future hotel in the suburb of Rijnica in Mali Losinj is likely to cost between 13 and 17 million euros and the funds will be ensured by the assets of Losinjska Plovidba and its partners, with only a portion being secured through loans.

The project is to be brought to completion in 2020. The nautical services centre will require investing of 30 million euros.

The third big project envisages the investing of EUR 11.5 million in order to upgrade the above-mentioned campsites to four stars.