​Labour minister: EUR 270M earmarked for active employment measures

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Labour and Pension System Minister Marko Pavic said in the eastern city of Osijek on Friday that the intent of the current government was to activate the domestic labour force as much as possible, and reinforced active employment policy measures had been prepared for 2019, with more than HRK 2 billion set aside for that purpose. Opening a fair to promote employment in tourism, Pavic said that over 160,000 unemployed persons throughout Croatia had been surveyed about their plans, and 20,000 said they would like to work in the tourism industry.

Such events as this one in Osijek are meant to directly connect job-seekers with employers, and similar fairs will also be held in Zagreb and Split, said Pavic.

Tourism Ministry State Secretary Frano Matosic said that between 30,000 and 40,000 workers had been hired for seasonal jobs last year, and the Croatian tourism industry needs an additional 10,000-15,000 seasonal workers, according to some estimates.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.4)