Foreign journalists: Croatia is beautiful, but offer needs to be more authentic

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Foreign journalists who stayed in Dubrovnik this week for the HTZ Golden Pen Awards consider Croatia to be a beautiful country with a diverse offer and a good balance between price and quality in the Mediterranean, but they believe that more attention should be directed towards the authenticity of the offer. 

Italian journalist Licia Colo, who received the grand prix Golden Pen in the category of television reports, says that Croatia always surprises her anew and she perceives it as "iconic" because it still has untouched areas with original content, which, according to her, should be preserved uncompromisingly.

In addition to its natural beauty, she praised Croatia's cultural and historical heritage, particularly highlighting the national parks of Plitvice Lakes and Krka, which she describes as among the most beautiful in the world. She believes that they should be strongly protected from mass tourism.

Chinese influencer Yang Baodi describes Croatia as "unique" and predicts that it will definitely have more Chinese tourists this year. Compared to Italy and Spain, she notices a good food offer that combines traditional and modern cuisine, but she would like to see more authentic dishes and drinks. She considers the accommodation offer to be good.

Some of the journalists also commented that Croatia has a good price-quality ratio compared to the entire Mediterranean, citing proximity and safety as significant advantages. (Hina)