​Employers in tourism industry glad to be able to hire pensioners

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The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) supports the possibility of of hiring of retirees for four hours a day, who still are paid their full pension under this employment scheme. The HUT association says in a press release on Tuesday that many jobs in the tourism sector could be performed by senior citizens who want to and are able to work after being retired. This opportunity can also facilitate a better preparation of the peak season.

"Retirees who want and can work are of great value for employers, since their working and life experience enables them to be easily adjusted, and they can serve as a source of know-how to younger employees and can help them to get into a work routine easily," says the HUP president Veljko Ostojic.

The recent amendments to the legislation on pension insurance enables retirees to be employed for four hours a day, after retirement. (Hina/FaH)