DHT: Sustainable tourism is about respect for space and man

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Sustainable tourism development is about respect for ecological, economic and social principles, with an emphasis on the satisfaction of the local population, and it is important that Croatia preserves the land, heritage and young people,  Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac said on Thursday.

She held a keynote speech at Croatian Tourism Days (DHT), an annual meeting of the tourism industry, which are are taking place on 9 and 10 November in Rovinj, bringing together about 1200 participants, who will analyse the results and trends in tourism.

The biggest trend is sustainability, and it is also a crucial aspect of the tourism reform, which brings a new strategy, investments using grants from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and other sources, and a new law on tourism.

We hope that the law will soon pass the second reading in the parliament, and we are still receiving comments and proposals and will consider everything. We should have had such a law earlier, 10-15 years ago, we worked on it in cooperation with the sector and science. In addition to everything else, the goal is to achieve the necessary management of tourism, as well as year-round travel industry, the minister underscored.

Regarding tourism in Croatia in 2030, she said that she saw it with more quality accommodation and competitiveness, and that she  was looking forward to all sustainable projects and destinations that will preserve historic core areas, develop new tourist products and create jobs.

She also pointed out that work was being done to 'strengthen' the Croatian tourist card, which is important for domestic visitors because of the discounts they can get with it.