Croatian cuisine presented in Rome

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A Croatian and Molisan gourmet performance has been held at Rome's Hotel Regina Baglioni, the largest gastronomic show of its kind ever held Italy, where top chefs from Croatia and the southern Italian region of Molise showed through four recipes the diversity and distinctiveness of the two cuisines, the Croatian Tourism Board said on Friday. Croatia was represented by Ivan Pazanin and Renato Kraljev and Molise, which has a small community of ethnic Croats, was represented by Filindo Russo and Colombo Vincenzi.

The event was organised to promote the Mediterranean diet and products, which are included on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It was attended by Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli, who emphasised the importance of gastronomy for tourism.

"Italy and Croatia are friendly and very similar countries where people attach great attention to gastronomy and have, since time immemorial, marked significant events around food and a rich table," Cappelli said.

"After Michelin awarded its first star to Croatian gastronomy last year, this year we can boast of three stars and 24 recommended restaurants in Croatia," he added.

Also attending were Croatian Ambassador to Rome Jasen Mesic, Ambassador to the Holy See Neven Pelicaric, and representatives of the diplomatic corps and the media. (Hina)