Croatian coastal towns attract most incomers

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The latest data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics about population migration indicates that small and medium-sized towns on the coast attract the most newcomers - nine out of ten towns with the highest number of migrated residents are located on the coast, which is mostly due to development boosted by tourism and new jobs opening. Dubrovnik has attracted the most incomers. In the past six years 1,545 more people have moved to Dubrovnik than left it, the website has reported.

Second on that list is Kastela, just outside Split, whose population has increased by 1,345. It is followed by Solin, with 1,299 more residents, Vodice (+612), Umag (+562), Krk (+529), Porec (+476), Novalja (+396) and Supetar (+380). The tenth town to record an increase in incomers and the only one in continental Croatia, is Samobor (+334).

From 2013 to the end of 2017, Croatia recorded a total of 150,000 immigrants, while 62,000 people emigrated from Croatia in that period.

Dubrovnik was the most attractive to immigrants, with 267 foreign nationals settling there, followed by Split (211) and Umag (158).

Dubrovnik has also been voted the best town for the quality of life, in a recent poll organised by, Hanza Media and Ipsos.