Croatia records 18% increase in tourist bed-nights in November

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Croatia recorded 372,000 tourist arrivals and 781,000 bed-nights in November 2018, which are increases of 21 and 17.9 percent respectively over November 2017, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (DZS). In the year to November, 18.3 million tourist arrivals and 88.9 million bed-nights were registered, up by 7 and 3.9 percent compared with the same period in the previous year.

In November, domestic tourists generated 127,000 arrivals, up 13.3 percent year on year, and foreign visitors 244,000, a rise of 25.4 percent. At the same time, domestic tourists generated 255,000 bed-nights (+13.6 percent) and foreign tourists 525,000 (+20 percent).

The largest number of tourist arrivals and bed-nights in November was registered in Zagreb, namely 89,000 arrivals (+10.2 percent) and 167,000 bed-nights (+12.2 percent).

Most of the bed-nights in November were generated by holiday makers from Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Italy. 

In the first eleven months of last year, foreign tourists generated 16.4 million arrivals, up 6.6 percent year on year, and 82.7 million bed-nights, an increase of 3.6 percent. Nearly a quarter of the bed-nights were generated by Germans, followed by Slovenians, Austrians, Poles, Czechs and Italians. In the same period, domestic tourists generated 10.3 percent more arrivals and 8.3 percent more bed-nights. (Hina)