Croatia hit destination for Swedish tourists

Photo /arhiva/Aftonbladet_Resa_2013.jpg

Sweden's leading network of travel agencies Resia declared Croatia a hit destination for the 2013 summer, the Croatian Tourism Board said in a statement on Friday.

Resia announced this in its barometer which is one of the most quoted reports in Sweden's tourism sector and serves as an indicator of general tourism trends on the national level.

This is the first time that Croatia has made Sweden's list of top five tourism destination, which also includes Spain, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

According to the barometer, last year Swedes were most interested in the Croatian coastal cities of Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar. The overall sale of Croatian travel packages in Sweden went up 50 per cent last year.

According to the barometer, this is the first time that Greece and Spain were classified as the cheapest tourist destination in the eurozone. (Hina)