Croatia and Dubrovnik among most desirable travel destinations in UK

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Croatia and Dubrovnik are among the ten most desirable destinations on the British travel market, as voted by readers of Wanderlust travel magazine, which has awarded them in the category of the most desirable closer countries and cities to visit, the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) said on Wednesday.

The awards were presented as part of the World Travel Market (WTM) show in London, and the awards for Croatia were accepted by the head of the HTZ London Office, Darija Reić.

Croatia ranked sixth among the top ten desirable closer countries and Dubrovnik placed fifth among the most desirable closer cities.

The list of the most desirable closer countries was topped by France, Italy, Iceland, Greece and Spain. Croatia was followed by Portugal, Georgia, Norway and Austria.

Among the top 10 closer cities, Dubrovnik was behind Lisbon, Seville, Tbilisi and Marrakech and ahead of Bologna, Tallinn, Salzburg, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg.

Reić said she was delighted that Wanderlust leaders had recognised Croatia and Dubrovnik as exciting and desirable destinations, while HTZ director Kristjan Stančić said that these were important honours for the Croatian tourist industry and an encouragement to make it even better, more successful and more creative in the years ahead.