All ministries but one to get higher budget allocations in 2019

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The 2019 budget proposal which Finance Minister Zdravko Maric delivered at a government meeting on Friday envisages higher budget allocations for all ministries except for the Tourism Ministry, the funds of which will go down by 16.8%. Expressed in absolute numbers, the biggest winner is the Finance Ministry as its allocation will increase by nearly 7.5 billion kuna from its allocation in the original 2018 budget, and in 2019 it will rise by 21.8% to HRK 41.9 billion.

Expressed in the percentage, the State Assets Ministry's allocation will increase the most, by 47.5% to HRK 108.7 million.

The office of the government can count on HRK 424.5 million in 2019, which is 19.7% more than its budget allocation in the 2018 budget. 

The 2019 draft budget envisages funds for the Office of the Croatian President in the amount of 37.7 million, down by 1.1%, and the budget allocation for the Parliament will be reduced by 9.9% to HRK 168 million.

The budget revenues planned for 2019 are expected to amount to HRK 136.1 billion, up 5.5% in comparison to the 2018 budget.

The budget expenditures are projected at HRK 140.3 billion, 6.9 billion more than in the original budget for 2018.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.431297)