ACI doubles its net profit in 2017

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​Croatia's nautical tourism company Adriatic Croatia International Club (ACI) last year generated a net profit totalling HRK 20.3 million, which is nearly 86% more than in 2016, ACI said in a press release on Wednesday. ACI's total revenues in 2017 amounted to HRK 201.1 million, while total expenditures reached HRK 176.1 million. The company's gross profit reached HRK 25 million, up 77% on the year. Business revenues, namely revenues from nautical activities, amounted to HRK 190 million, up one percent on the year. The company's biggest investment project in 2017 was the complete overhaul of the ACI marina in the northern Adriatic resort of Rovinj, the press release said.

in 2017, ACI received a HRK 2.7 million grant from European funds for the preparation of project documentation for the restoration of the Sorkocevic Castle in ACI marina Dubrovnik.

Early this year, the government, which has a 78.58% stake in the company, put ACI on the list of state-owned companies of strategic and special interest to Croatia.