2017 - record tourist season for Dubrovnik

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​The coastal resort of Dubrovnik in 2017 saw 1.18 million tourist arrivals, 17% more than in 2016, and 4.21 million overnight stays, an increase of 13%, which is a record result, the local tourism office said. Of the 1.18 million arrivals, 1.12 million were foreign and 56,000 domestic arrivals, while 36,000 were visits by boaters.

The city's 50 hotels welcomed 646,000 guests in 2017, an increase of six percent from the previous year, while providers of private accommodation registered 387,000 guests, an increase of 28% from 2016.

The most numerous guests were those from Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France and Croatia.

In December, the city saw 20,633 arrivals, 13% more than in 2016, and 42,765 overnight stays, 5% more than in 2016.

The most numerous guests were Croatians and those from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Asian countries.