Hotels from Impresia association satisfied with pre-season

Seventeen luxury hotels in Croatia, members of a new hotel brand and association called "Impresia", have recently expressed satisfaction with business results in the pre-season, noting that bookings for June and July are good, while for August they are slightly less good.

Addressing a news conference, the association's chairman, Nenad Nizić, said that all of the association's 17 hotels saw a 10% rise in turnover in the pre-season compared to 2023.

Regarding June and July, he said that there was a conspicuous trend of last-minute reservations.

Bookings for August are going at a slower rate, possibly due to higher prices or the fact that guests want to avoid crowded destinations in the peak season, he explained.

Prices per night in these hotels range between €500 and €1,500, according to Nizić.

An official from the tourism ministry told the news conference that Croatia needs more luxury hotels of this kind.