Tourism For All


People are the key to success in tourism - competent, professional and skilful. Such employees are increasingly in demand and are necessary to achieve competitive positions in the national and international markets.

Croatia is a tourist destination, the number of visitors increases year after year, trends change, tourist have new demands, express new needs - all of that requires continuous monitoring and adapting, training and development, but also providing new staff. It is only possible to successfully respond to the dynamic of the tourist trends by encouraging children and young adults to embark on a career in tourism, introducing them early on to the possibilities and challenges that tourism offers, but also by investing in the quality and standard of education.

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Globalisation and modern technologies have influenced the emergence of new trends in tourism, new possibilities were opened in the field of tourism, and we could say that it became accessible to a great number of people.

Accessible tourism means that everyone can participate in tourist experiences. Different people have diverse needs, whether they are connected by age, physical condition or preferences.
To achieve equality for children and persons with disabilities, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has been preparing and implementing a number of measures that encourage the Croatian market to enable equal enjoyment of tourist offers to persons with disabilities, but also to include them in the labour market.

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