​Big interest in opening borders, says tourism minister

Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli said on Thursday there was big interest in many countries in opening borders for tourists and that intensive talks on that were under way.

Speaking to the press ahead of a cabinet meting, Cappelli said over 100,000 queries came from Italy over the past three days given that its inhabitants had bookings for August which they did not wish to cancel.

"Italians are still hoping to come to Croatia. Slovenians, Austrians, the Czech even more so," he said, adding that there were no major cancellations for July and August while half of those for June were cancelled.

He said those guests too could still "get back in the game" if the borders were opened in the next two to three weeks.

Asked how the borders within the EU would be opened, Cappelli said it would be agreed bilaterally.

He said opening the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina was being planned, and announced that precise coronavirus measures for hospitality and tourism, which he said were more than fair, would be presented at Friday's press briefing of the national civil protection authority.